Raven's Call - Celtic Folk Rock Band

Ravens Call Band Bios

Thom Swanson 

Lead Singer, Composer, and Musician who plays: Violin,  Bohron ( type of drum ), Key Boards and the Tin Whistle




 Thom's interest in singing and acting started when he was only three years old.  His interest progressed to involve guitar, theatrical plays, and musicals from comedy to drama. His childhood antics of leaping about in a sheet were rewarded by a flying role in Peter Pan. His mom can vouch for the trials of driving him to lessons and tolerating his home based rehearsals and practices. He sang everywhere he went. People standing at a bus stop may have been surprised to find themselves in the midst of a one man practice. When he heard the bohron the sound commanded his full attention. Thom decided he had to learn to play it. The sound penetrated him down to the core. The next instrument to call to him was the violin. Her call was priceless although he was kind of choked by her price tag and ensuing expenses. What attracts him to music is how the energy and power in the music can change people. The songs of Raven’s Call came crashing out of him. The songs, like children, beg and plead every day to be heard. Raven’s Call is the culmination of these children and many other "babies" that cry to be shared. Raven’s Call will bare the children on its wings so they can live on for all eternity.


Alice Creed 

Female Vocals







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