Raven's Call - Celtic Folk Rock Band


Ravens call CDs


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Call of the Raven  


1: Dragon of power 2: Filled with Emptiness3: The Wheel Turns

4: Voice of the Raven 5: Fire Dancer 6: Stilettos on a Giraffe 

7: Home 8: The Charge 9: Healer 10: White Raven 11: Night Skies

12: Naked on Jasper 13: Give it up 14: Earth the Ground we Share  

15: Thimbles


Ravens Journey   (pre order now)




1: Shenandoah    2:  The SwallowTail jig/ Cearcal a’ Chuain   3: The Butterfly     4: Cannon in D    5: Earth my Body   6: Song of the Fea   7: The Raven’s Journey Suite 1st movment ( The journey)     8: The Raven’s journey suite 2nd movment (Stone Hendge)       9: The Raven’s journey suite 3rd movment (Darkness)   10: The Raven’s journey suite 4th movment ( Transformation)    11: The Raven’s journey suite 5th movment (Endings and Beginings)

Around the yule Tree ( coming soon)

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